Supplements to fasting

Those who fast usually supplement it with other activities. Adding in recovery work greatly increases the effectiveness and benefits of fasting. Three supplemental activities to add along with fasting can be cupping, foam rolling, and yoga.

Cupping gained its initial spotlight when Olympians such as Michael Phelps appeared with circular bruises around his body. These are in fact not bruises and are completely painless. Cupping creates a suction around the skin to increase blood flow to aid recovery. Blood is filled with nutrients that keep your body functioning properly.

Foam rolling is similar to cupping because it mobilizes blood flow. It involves rolling various parts of your body over a piece of dense foam. It is exactly what a massage is except you are doing it by yourself. One will feel relaxed after foam rolling and energized the next day.

Yoga involves placing your body in a prolonged flexed state, to again, increase blood flow and to promote relaxation.

All of these activities involve mobilizing blood flow, which is crucial to proper functioning of the body. Similar to fasting, these three activities are recovery works and aim to eliminate harmful substances from the body.


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